For Afonso Cruz, music plays a secondary role. Well, more or less. Secondary in the sense that it isn't his main job, though it is always present. The same can be said about his bandmates in The Soaked Lamb. Music has an organic relationship with the various moments of Afonso's day and it plays a therapeutic role. It is liable to change his mood. For the better, of course. And it also helps him relax, both when he spends time alone, such as when he's writing lyrics and songs, and when the band gets together and makes it seem like they can all be playing at the same time. 

As for his other pursuits, Afonso prefers to keep things separate. He seldom plays music at his book launches and in literary circles, he only does so in specific contexts, as was the case at the 2015 book fair in Bogota, Colombia. As a listener, Afonso Cruz also knows how to surround himself with the finest company. From blues to roots and klezmer, from Italian and French music to gipsy music from Eastern Europe, he looks for diversity. The same applies to his creative universe.

The Soaked Lamb

The Soaked Lamb - Slowly Movin'
The Soaked Lamb - Hello, Bang Bang, Goodbye / Hats & Chairs
The Soaked Lamb – Palhaços
The Soaked Lamb "Almost a Song" Feat. Tó Trips & Pedro Gonçalves
The Soaked Lamb - A Coffin for Two