There isn't a place where inspiration can hide. Afonso Cruz's drawings can be born of either a gesture or an object, but most of the time, it's really the story that guides him. He chews on texts carefully, and as he digests them, words turn into ideas. Illustrations emerge on the screen of his laptop, a magical tool that allows him to work anywhere in the world. Trial and error. Repetition. Afonso Cruz sees illustration as experimentation.

Working with digital media makes it easier for him to stay true to that method: experimenting with shape and colour to the best possible effect. Trading paper for pixels makes it easier to go back and do over. With a little help from technology, communicating through images becomes vital in a world suffused with information. Some might not share that need, but in Afonso Cruz's case, there's no doubt: it's an urge.

The Year Book  (Alfaguara, 2009)
Capital  (Pato L√≥gico, 2014)
The Human Contradiction  (Caminho, 2010)
Henry the Navigator  (Texto Editores, 2010)
Henriqueta - Darwin's Turtle  (Texto Editores, 2009)
Galileo  (Texto Editores, 2009)
Countries Alphabet  (Oficina do Livro, 2009)
My First Republic  (Dom Quixote, 2009)
The Year Book  (Alfaguara, 2013)
Like This, But Not Really Like This  (Caminho, 2013)